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Grypolyth or Purutaurus

Both seem really good currently. Puru has instant distraction and a better rend counter, but grypolyth has a healing move, armor, and an instant stun & pin move

Which do you guys think is better?

Puru counters cloak and dodgers very well, grypolyth is an excellent tank killer

Just depends on what your team needs are. Both are really solid

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I would say grypo, with rending guys like them. The ability to prevent enemy swapping and self healing should be very valuable

Also yeah like dinomaster said it cinda just depends on what you need

could it be a tank itself? it has decent armor plus shields and healing? Im working towards it, thats why im asking lol

Puru lethal wounds an opponent every time it is attacked. Grypo can stop an opponent in their tracks. I’d personally say Puru, it can deal solid 2100 damage plus it has that beastly counter and ID to get the counter off for free. Don’t forget long protection and cleansing strike.

I wouldn’t use it strictly as a tank no. Though I’m sure it could be like a semi-tank if played that way. You could use it like how you’d use miragaia really

1.7 no one uses tanks anymore?

A tank with cleansing and healing is a viable tank.

Not entirely. I still see people with Stegodeus and Tragodistis a fair amount despite Thor’s dominance right now

I’m one of those idiots myself but it’s just because that’s all I’ve got to use. That said my Stegodeus actually does alright against Boosthor.