Grypolyth or Quetzorion?

Both are somewhat attainable in terms of dna amount but I don’t have too many coins to focus on both at once. Wondering which one should I fuse? Here’s the team I’ve been getting by with in early aviary.

(I’m also close to fusing phorurex if that helps determine anything)

I should mention I don’t play that often so I’m keeping my choices limited to the 2 mentioned because I have the dna

I have both on my team. Quetzorion is one of my favourites, however, you’d probably be best going for Grypo, who tackles more end game dinos like Testacornibus.

The only thing is that Grypo will probably take you a lot longer to max out if you’re not an active player - I’m still only just getting Grypo to level 29, whereas Quetzorion has been at 30 for over a year now. We’ve never had Gryposuchus as a daily dino though, so it’s possible you might have an easier time if that ever happens.


Grypolyth is more meta relevant, even though Quetzorion will be getting a nice buff soon. So definitely go for Grypolyth for now


If you are close to phororex then go for it.
100% endgame viable, while quetz and grypo are both meh. Grypo is a bit better in this deer/skoona meta.

Man i hope the quetzl buff will make it viable.

Go for quetzorion since it’s getting a very hefty buff in the next update.

I’m playing Orion since I have created it. It’s one of the creatures I love most. And with the buff next update I recommend Quetzorion.

But I’m not very objective :wink:

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Orion is better, but if you ask me… well not really. But I went for Orion in lockdown and yeah.

As someone who lives in early aviary, Orion is really handy when dealing with the hundreds of thousands of Indoraptors. Same with all the Indominus rexes providing your opponent forgets they have the fierce strike (happens more often than not), Alanky used to be my go to for those two, but now it lost its ability to slow :frowning:
Orion also deals with anything cunning really well and anything that can’t smash shields, but also keep in mind that it can be slowed and stunned.

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yup that’s why i said its not so good :frowning:

Even with buff, orion is susceptible to cera or rhino swap in stun in higher arenas. Even worse if u swap in orion same time as above dinos, u get hit twice if stunned. Its usage is quite situational. Grypo is good vs cera, lux and deer, and tryko with the immobilise, you can lock it down and bring out another creature to potentially ko tryko.

I recommend orion as it can help deal with some of the common aivary threats such as nitro indos, alloraps, indoms etc, etc. Grypo can be useful however when played right, orion is a beast. I have her at lvl 25 in my team at lockwood library with minimal boosts (only 0/3/3) but it can easily turn around a sticky situation. You cant escape that nullifying rampage thanks to its distraction immunity. Orion is great for absorbing massive hits such as a rampage from a cloaked indom, the hp buff its getting helps as well

wanna add that grypo can be an absolute nightmare if you don’t pull the right counters and it’s damage is boosted enough so it’s ferocious defense + emergency heal fully heals it each time. Faced a couple of those in that situation where I can’t do enough damage to it in time and I just end up disconnecting because no thanks to that headache.

!00% grypolyth. Grypolyth can counter a lot of things in the current meta mainly being testa and skoona.