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Grypolyth Tail Whip move does variable damage

While running in the Grypolyth raid last night, we noticed that the tail whip move on turn one of each round does variable damage. Anyone else seen this or know why it would be that way? It’s an non-distracted defense shattering attack that does different damage to each player. We won the raid but the variation made it harder to predict the outcome. I have the snap shots of each round along with the video of our fight.

image image image


i’ve seen it happen. idk what kind of bug it could be. i remember someone suggesting it may originally have been a rend type move, but was changed last minute.


Yes it makes strategizing a bit more difficult when your stats and outcome do not align.

But good eye there! Thought no one else noticed with the weirdness of it. Funny part was when a dead scolo got some love tapping as well.

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How about the info for attack?

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What’s very interesting is that the two Irritators (same HP) have two different amounts of damage done to them… That and running the numbers, it’s weird that they had a higher percentage of health lost than either the Thor or the Toura.

Then, on top of all that; in round 2, the Thor had LESS damage done to her than in round 1, whereas the other 3 had more. Too many inconsistencies here to find any sort of discernable pattern, but the Irritators lose almost half their HP per each tail whip where the others only lost (roughly) a third.

I didn’t even pay attention to that lol

Hello, anyone will fix it? Or explain if it is not a bug?