Grypolyth thoughts?🐊

stats at level 22… what do you guys think… is it worth the chase?

pic courtesy of Hersh’s vid


Considering it doesn’t even have one single rampage attack, seems pretty weak… but, since it’s the only unique I can go for at the moment I’m working on making it, simply for the sake of trying to make everything. Another tuoramoloch class unique - that is…


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ferocious strike with defense shatter counter move is pretty cool. i think lockdown is a waste of a move. would be cool to get a rampage or stun in there.

I was disappointed when I faught one in the strike tower, I kinda expected more from the first crocodillian (or however you spell it) unique. I do like it’s Shattering Counter tho.

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It’s actually surprisingly good. It can deal 3k damage per turn with ferocious and dsc. Has some interesting mashups.

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Yeah, the defense shattering counter they gave dioraja is pretty sweet. It’s a nice move - if you can survive to counter, that is.

I’d much rather have the damage up front, rather than divided, with the opponent’s attack in the middle.

with swapin ferocity i do usually get some good hits in with my dioraj.

oh, as soon as I have the coins mine is up to L25. I like it.

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Lockdown and pinning are very awkward moves. Dinos like grypo and dioraja has to go for shield first, otherwise they will die to the swapping dinos like utar and dilo, but if you shield first opponents can still run away, as well as doing massive damage to you.

Still, 20% armor combined with long protection and a defense shattering counter makes for a very intimidating opponent if you don’t have the necessary counters.


ooh, wait - long protection? ok, that’s pretty sweet…

i rarely shield. only really use the instant shield to stop the direct damage.

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with a little luck I’ll have it in a few days, maybe a week… my alliance is good with sharing DNA, and I need it since Ludia saw fit to all but remove purrusaurus G2 and lythronax from the game now.

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Yes, but you still can’t really pin swapping dinos, you can avoid some damage but swapping dinos all have distract and before they run away they still do more damage to you than you do to them.

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i dont see it as a toe to toe fighter anyways. its a swapin to either finish, counter or disrupt something. i dont open with or really depend on it to fully match something. although i have taken down full health deus and others. its sneaky deadly.

I agree with you. Grypo and dioraja now are used more as tank busters due to DS counter. I just thought they were initially made to counter swappers.

106 speed of grypo worries me though.

the only pinning dino that i actually like to pin with is my gigaspikasaur.

Yes, slower than many Rex line family and tanks.