Grypolyth thoughts?🐊


either way… a bleeder will send them running. when they come back, which would be more usefull?


:grinning: I think it depends on what the running dino sends in. I’ve once had my suchotator vs their rinex, I used bleed, they ran and sent in a monostegotops, so I killed that monostego again, but if it was an immune dino, I would be done.


it looks very similar to diorajasaur to be honest. and after the update a 23 dio can kill a 30 stegodeus, so it’s probably pretty good.


Honestly i really like It, its surprisingly good, one thing i have to say though Is that lockdown (or pinning) is such a useless move.


Grypolyth lacks speed. Without any slowing moves, it lose most of the 1 v 1 matchups


Honestly I feel like he’s just a megalosuchus boost with armor and more hp. He has less speed but megalosuchus 115 speed was never good enough against the Dino’s he really would have liked to outspeed.


if u don’t have much anklo go for this one, though it can be killed by swapped in dioraja in 2 shots