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Grypolyth...what’s its purpose?

Grypolyth is the last dinosaur I have needed to unlock, but a member of my alliance has hers to level 25. I’ve seen the stats and kit and wonder “So…what does it do? How do you use it?” She couldn’t give me a straight answer.

Grypolyth is kind of a tank with decent armor & subpar health, but with kind of alright damage, and a neat DS counter, but with the speed to get it killed by the end of turn 2 in this meta. So, what was your aim with this one Ludia? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s awesome we have a crocidilian Unique, love it! But…I mean, for a Dino that’s as tedious as this to create/power up (leveling up Purrolyth was torture I’m not sure I’d punish my worst enemy with), also considering Gryposuchus is a Park spawn, you’d think a Dino like this would be amazing! Plus…crocs/gators are fast, like surprisingly fast, so why is this guy so slow?

Weird overall setup for this beast, serious revisiting necessary. Especially for a Unique, it’s not viable for contending use.


It will make a nice decoration,… we can add it to our collection,… so we can show our friends,… so they think we are cool :grin:


It has pinning strike only unique that has it! Use it to wreck sia while still rolling full unique team! It’s also a solid counter attacker use it in absence of enemy sia to do swapin counter attack kills in situations that the Dino replaced would have died. It also has uses against certain tanks…looking at you shielding reliant tanks

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Once that crocodilian has a drac 2 pinned in its jaws it ain’t going no where apart from dead…etc


Diorajasaur has pinning basic attack


Yeah lol I forgot I guess if you have 2 pinners in team your ensured at least one is picked then?

Would be interesting to see dioraja and gypros potential damage side by side

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Dioraj also has swapin ferocity enough metahub screenshots lol
They are quite similar! I find it hard to see which is better

@Marktheshark i think we should bring a ton of water to make it fast :sweat_smile:


I think Dioraja wins the Grypo-Dioraja debate. Dioraja has swap-in ferocity along with a distracting move, and that instant invincibility can come in clutch. Only thing Grypo has over it is Long Protection.

I believe it’s safe to say that Grypolyth is unquestionably the worst Unique in the game.

Grypolyth is good for:
Bags, Belts, and Boots


They keep introducing these “easy” to acquire legendaries and uniques… but it just feels like wasted development time… this game isnt attracting tons of new players who these dinos may or may not be worth building. So its just really more filler… so they can say they added x amount instead of x amount.

grypolyth isn’t even “easy to make”. hint hint LUDIA


No and for new players either is its rare due to the nature of park spawns… i was hoping purrlyth would have been atleast ankycodon/suchatator strong.

It’s not grypolyth is the problem. Counter attackers as a whole are lacking a lot in the current meta. Both dio and grypo suffers from poor stats, dio’s speed is a bit better than grypo which helps it to perform better in some matches, but still 108 is not good.

Defense shattering counter is nice, but you don’t need a counter attacker to deal with tanks.

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It’s a mystery, but it definitely proves one thing, Ludia doesn’t play their own game. It’s the most obnoxious, tedious creature to make and If anyone at Ludia actually went through the process themselves they’d know how idiotic it is.

Having players tap the fuse button 20-30 times on purrolyth just to get one fuse on Grypolyth is the definition of face palm game design.

  • x amount instead of “y” amount, but yeah I agree.

Id like to see a counter attacker with a distracting counter rather then armor piercing.

Yeah, something that can improve their survivability. Some hp buff or speed buff would also be nice. Cleansing counter is also another option.

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When they first changed the tool tip to ss i was really hoping they were gonna give megla clensing impact to allow one tankish dino and answer to bleeds.