Grypolyth worth the boosts?

I have a L25 grypo and a handful of boosts… should I invest? Anyone use it and what is it best against?

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I think at 25 with some boosts it could be quite a beast. I always enjoy it in friendlies.

You jave played against 1 right? I still think it under performs and Ive never had trouble taking 1 down. The instant stun deals no damage and it really doesnt have anything special

I used it for a period after 1.7 launch fiasco: when i unlocked i dropped a bit and played a different team. It’s a very very good team player and it shines in a high based swap team. Relies most of its damage on the rending counter attack, and with regeneration its a pretty good combo making it a really solid dino. Immobilize can be used in different ways, depending on your other dinos: can lock a bleeding opponent, can waste your opponent’s last turn of speed advantage if it’s the case, or can be an utility to reduce your moves’ cooldown, especially regen. The only downgrade is that your opponent’s cooldowns are reduced too.
Moreover, the 0 delay of regen allows you to swap in & out grypo frequently.
I like it very much, it’s a strong dino but its performance in a team depends on your team composition. It’s not a stand-alone dino like Tryko, Thor, Dioraja and similar.
It’s obviously good againts high hp dinos but it can do well against almost everything aside chompers since it has a very versatile kit. If you want to invest it’s worth the boost. But as i said, look at your team composition first. At least, this is my two cents.

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Looking at it that way I think it may be a weak link at the moment… I’ll hold off.


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