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Gryposuchas L4?


Did gryposuchas become an L4 epic spawn in 1.6?
I ask because Monday I encountered 1 in L4 and then just now with a basic scent found 1 again in L4.

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maybe it did become L4, or it just became global, both would make sense as Ludia is probably wanting more players to have grypolyth


There were reports that Anky went to parks, so might be those two changed spawns.


Wait, what?! Anky is in parks?! But how will I get the Spiky Potato now?!

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I am on L4 and got also a Grypo this morning.


I got grypo yesterday in a tiny park in l4, i thought it spawned there because of the park but this makes sense too


On the subject of Anky… I found this in L3 today.


And it seems amarga its also now an epic park spawn


Is that a car repair shop? That’s their nest. I have one close to me in L3 and I’ve seen an Anky spawn there a couple of times.

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Promise! Spawn guide will be up today. :slight_smile:


Yep gryposuchus spawns at L4 now saw one already


It switched places with Anky…


Negative. Fire station lol


I guess in stead of fixing L3, they just destroy the rest of the zones starting with L4 to level the playing field :joy:

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I guess it didn’t get the memo it was supposed to be in parks. What a rebel.

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A rebellion I encourage and endorse :ok_hand:t2:


L4 is completely trash now. Although all 3 epics have hybrids, but two of them are useless and the last one is non obtainable. And for the rares, only spino has a hybrid.


Yeah for some reason Ludia thinks a quarter of their customers need to be in a zone thats worse then all the rest. For the longest time it was l3… now its l4.

If i lived and worked in an l4… id probaly just unistall the game.


For the last two months i was at home in l3…now that the school semester starts i will be back at l4 …
I was excited about gettig some ankys when i return to l4…so it sucks a bit


I live in an L1 and it bothers me how badly they leave these zones migration wise… l4 players are currently suffering because there giving us rex dna everyday now so they make anky a very hard to get epic… to limit a tryko rush.

They should have given l4 something other then grypo…could have swapped kentro for raja… just to make it seem fair even though both of those epics are useless without the anky to go with it.