Gryposuchus Tournament - 2/3/2022 - 2/7/2022


do i have a chance


good luck bro


What a relief. Thought for a minute I might have to try and finish both of these tournaments on D2’s game to get the new amphib hybrid. But luckily it’s just a crappy herb hybrid that serves no purpose.

Love it when problems solve themselves.


I got Grypo so i can skip this one, but i might try and go for predator league.

Try to get more lvl 40 tourney dinos. That will help tremendously. Just not sure how many lvl 40s you have. Or even a bunch of lvl 20s

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Here’s some thoughts regarding Cenozoic tournaments (as well as Aquatics, for that matter).

We shall see how well these hold up regarding the upcoming tournament.


This will sound like a hazing to you but maybe for the first leagues the rare ones will serve you well at 20 30 even 40 and you level up the strongest ones save them for the end and hopefully you have a good amount of villetes otherwise you are lost



I dont think you can do it, I have 20 tournament and 10 vip but I think I cant get it, the ferocity will be tournent creature level

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Ceno one is bracketed , rare , super rare are worthless for this tournament. You gonna need dominator worthy teams from start to finish.

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I posted my cenzoic line up and was wanting someone to please look at it. I know IF I’m able to win it’ll will be at the very end. It will be a grind. If I fail I won’t be super disappointed since the hybrid is just a super expensive Draco with slightly weaker stats.

Gonna try to win both tournaments, but I might only win one… we’ll see. I will most probably try to win this one.

If you don’t own one, then go for that one as the priority.

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Well, just gave it a first go. Not as bad as I feared yet - so far no harder than my normal PVE. Started in Hatchling with 2 Super-rares and a level 8 Titanoboa as opponents

My team was a bit too strong, only got 23 cups.

Then Prey - 33 cups

And Survivor

Which got me the full 40 cups.

Up to Hunter, will see how that goes.

@Keith there is a glitch, the creature prize pack on the spin wheel is showing as Tsintaosaurus not Gryposuchus. Sorry, it was too quick to screenshot it.


Weird. The gryposuchus tourney started for me at 5am pst. I had finished 2 rounds and then my game crashed. When i rebooted the iPad, the tourney was gone.

Is it canceled or did it accidentally start a day early?

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Thank you, it should be fixed very shortly


VIP L11 are very capable in the Ceno tournament. I thought I might have to level up, but nope. Pano in front and a cat follow by bron. Done very well.


Started off with level 40 SRs (amphicyon, sarkastodon, elasmotherium) for 30 trophies, pretty easy battle.

Continued up until spot 69 in hunter using level 40 legendaries or less with relative ease.

After that point I’ve jumped to the 20 vip 30 tourney range.

Spot 93 pred I’m facing this team

Tournaments been pretty easy for me so far, it’s so refreshing to finally use cenozoics. Thank you ludia.

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