Gryposuchus Tournament - 2/3/2022 - 2/7/2022

@Keith Here is the pictures showing that the tournament from today is not showing up can I please get some help with this or is ludia going to just give us the dominator pack I would rather compete for this tournament pack

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@Keith following up on @Lora_Green problem, I could see the tournament earlier today on my game but did not participate, now when I login no tournament is shown:

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Hi everyone,
Please read [News] Issue with Iguanodon tournament | Feb 02
Thank you


@Keith thanks for the information I just wanted to let you know that both tournament’s are gone now


I have passed it onto the team, I believe they will wait till tomorrow morning before deciding to reset the gryposuchus tournament, but if that changes I will let you know.


This doesn’t make any sense…

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Man I hope whatever is happening isnt going to affect my reward, I am trying to get into dom, with ym lineup and it is not going very well, but I could maybe get it

What about those that are already participating? If our progress is reset then we that have competed should get our dbs back or some other compensation. Not trying to step out of bounds but it’s not exactly fair to us that are where we need to be but it is what is is I guess. If it resets I’ll just do it over again

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I got 1100 cups played for like 2 h and then i got a gif of 3000 loyalty points in mail and a message which said thank you for your patience and tournament was gone

Same here I go 1100 cups and tournament disappeared I’m new to the game only lvl 27 but got to dominator 1 do tournament s disappear often in this game?

@Keith it’s showing up now and it will start in just over 15hr

Well, I appreciate that it wasn’t fair that you and others couldn’t get the tournament and it needed sorting out. But it is gutting to have put in a lot of work and having to start again. :confounded:

I learned from the Dilophoboa tournament always to screenshot my score, but that’s no help. Did the games designers learn anything from the Dilophoboa tournament, though?

@Keith, when will this tournament now end? Will the end cut-off be adjusted to take into account the shorter running time?


Squids are very good at this. There are tons of experimental videos exist on the internet. :call_me_hand:t2:

If you are interested in different levels of plasticity amongst other species.

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Squids and Octopuses are amazing. And because Octopuses have no bones they can squeeze out of tanks through impossibly tiny holes.

Oops, going far Off Topic here.

Not sure they would be better at designing computer games though.

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Came here to check if everyone was having the same issue or if it was just me. Okay it’s a general thing then. I played a few battles this morning and right now it’s unavailable until tomorrow morning…

50k says it will end at its original time… cuz. #itsludia… I could be wrong though. Let’s hope I am.

I only have 1 tourney showing now.