Gryposuchus Tournament - 2/3/2022 - 2/7/2022

Same here I go 1100 cups and tournament disappeared I’m new to the game only lvl 27 but got to dominator 1 do tournament s disappear often in this game?

@Keith it’s showing up now and it will start in just over 15hr

Well, I appreciate that it wasn’t fair that you and others couldn’t get the tournament and it needed sorting out. But it is gutting to have put in a lot of work and having to start again. :confounded:

I learned from the Dilophoboa tournament always to screenshot my score, but that’s no help. Did the games designers learn anything from the Dilophoboa tournament, though?

@Keith, when will this tournament now end? Will the end cut-off be adjusted to take into account the shorter running time?


Squids are very good at this. There are tons of experimental videos exist on the internet. :call_me_hand:t2:

If you are interested in different levels of plasticity amongst other species.

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Squids and Octopuses are amazing. And because Octopuses have no bones they can squeeze out of tanks through impossibly tiny holes.

Oops, going far Off Topic here.

Not sure they would be better at designing computer games though.

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Came here to check if everyone was having the same issue or if it was just me. Okay it’s a general thing then. I played a few battles this morning and right now it’s unavailable until tomorrow morning…

50k says it will end at its original time… cuz. #itsludia… I could be wrong though. Let’s hope I am.

I only have 1 tourney showing now.

Maybe the tournament needed a balance? I am lvl 27
My best creature is a diplotatator lvl 10 an i got to dominator so maybe that’s why it’s gone?

It came back much harder so I guess it wasn’t an accident… I feel cheated… I wish I could say I’m not playing this tournament anymore but I haven’t unlocked the Gryposuchus yet so I don’t know… This isn’t right…

@Keith 2 problems. 1 tourney is much harder. 2. The trophy count or tourney length apparently won’t be adjusted. This in my humble opinion is going to be a straight up highway robbery. Please please please tell the team these dual tourneys have to stop. Please tell them to stop.

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Okay they fixed gryposuches tournament but the iguandon one is gone

We don’t know yet. Tomorrow will tell. :call_me_hand:t2:

Even though my one day worth progress got deleted i won’t give up (well maybe if another restart happens but i wish it won’t :pray:)

This is my progress as of now, and I’ll have 1000 trophies by the end of the day. Why did you do this Ludia :sob:

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Yes guys! Welcome to a “First Evers” post.

It was fun, lvl 20 VIPs and their pars seem to work quite well with the MMF. Happy first run. No losses. I hope it doesn’t vanish into thin air. :crossed_fingers:t2:

First Evers

First ever ceno tourney vicpic

Tortoise did quite well, well done Shelly.

First ever dom climb up

First ever dom vic

Second eva dom vic

Third eva… Just kidding. :relieved:

Winning with a mediocre team whilst my last match

And these are the cooldowns right after

Yeah, some of us will be still resting on the second run. :sleeping_bed:t2:

We’ll see how it goes. :v:t2:


Have you received S-DNAs for your run?

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40 each dom SNAs

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No. I hoped for it too…
Would’ve been a good make up for invested time and Dinobucks and stuff.


Oh it was my first attempt. Yesterday was a busy day.


Wait why? I didn’t?
They must love U more apparently. :yum:

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