Gryposuchus where is he?


I found this guy weeks ago once and managed to get some DNA but have not seen him since, does anyone else have him and any ideas where to find him?



I’ve only seen him in parks… never bothered to go get him right enough :joy:


Parks with water… In London around Regents Park… However he is epic… I have made him… just about… He isn’t very good so don’t worry to much about him…


I’ve seen him a few times in parks without water :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I spotted him in a park (without water) at night. Spotted him a second time in a different park (again no water and at night), but he de-spawned before I could reach him.


It took me weeks to find it enough times to create it. And it took me 3 attempts at darting it to get enough DNA because apparently I’m horrible at darting that one. I haven’t seen it again since creating it. I’ve only seen it at parks or grassy areas on the map. The first time I saw it, it was in a fenced-off area 500+ feet away.


Found two at a park with lots of water.


I did wonder if he’s any good, by the sounds of it it’s not worth the stress :joy: it’ll be nice to have in my collection though, Cheers guys :ok_hand:t3::+1:


Thank you :pray:t3: I’ll take a butchers :ok_hand:t3:


He is the only blanked dinosaur I have left on my board to find.


Not sure if the Americans will understand a butchers :joy::sweat_smile:


They are all over Central Park. You can get several a day if you walk around… and live in that area. lol


I was catching a rare Erlikosaurus on my commute home. Map loaded in time to see I’d gone well out of range of the first and only Grypo I’ve ever seen. Fuming.


I’m sorry I cant go off of metahub… none of these spawns coincide with my town… I’ve had just about every epic(some epic hybrid) spawn in my neighborhood and the town I work is the same way… random epic spawns only thing that’s spot on are the weekly dinos at parks


He popped out of an Epic incubator I won at a Strike Event. Pretty worthless, but nice to have as a collectible…


I saw this dino 3 times, all near parks (or better, near green supply drops). :wink:


I see the stupid thing all the time. I’ve stocked up in case they make a hybrid with it one day. Yeah, parks seem to be the place.


Never seen him, but unlocked him with some lucky incubators. Bet it’s an op hybrid with the coming pterosaurs…


At parks, near water is where I usually find him.