Just unlocked this guy out of my 24 hr incubator, along with the ornithomimus, and 12 paramoloch DNA :scream:There are just so many crocodillies now lol (sarcosuchus, purassaurus, purassaurus gen 2, sarcorixis, gryposuchus. The gryposuchus seems to be an enhanced version of the purrasaurus, buffing up its original stats, but not nearly as strong as the sacrorixis. Sacrificing 5% armor, and 1 speed in comparison to the gryposuchus’s stats, the savrorixis has armor piercing strike and greater stunning impact. The sacrorixis is a lot better option, and a lot easier to level up than this epic. Here are it’s stats and movelist.


I finally found one in the wild today. It was 500+ feet away in a fenced-off area though, so I did my best.


I got it in my 24 hr incubator as well the other day


Out hunting Kentrosaurus and stumbled across one in the wild - couldn’t get 100% within range and tricky to dart so only on 57/150. That just leaves the one slot in the roster now - which I assume is for Brachiosaurus …


Ah yes, Nightmare Fuel Croc. Only saw him once in the wild.


Is he a new dino? From last big update I mean… never seen him before and I know he wasnt in my list of dinos I need to spot yet… I have 2 yet to be seen… this one and brachie


He was from update 1.3 yes. He only spawns in park spaces.


The only epic that I need left to complete my epic collection.