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GSR and Dilo


I’ll cut right to the chase:

Please remove/change gsr in dilo. It doesnt make sense.

I recorded over 130 battles today and I noticed something - one of 3 things happens the vast majority of the time:

I gsr. They die. Stun wasnt needed, cause Ive done over 4500 dmg to them by t2.

I gsr. They instant cripple/ii. I do almost no dmg, but usually stun.

I gsr. They dodge. No dmg is done, and they are stunned usually (unless immune).

The only times Ive had gsr utilize BOTH its dmg AND it’s stun is vs tanks or vs swaps (and most ppl know better than to swap into a gsr).

Vs tanks - it reminds me of stegodeus and apr. It made tanks good vs other tanks. That wasnt the goal, so it was removed.

Gsr allows dilo to be good vs stegos (and to a much lesser extent tragos) because it stuns AND does good dmg. Ive almost 3 shot stegodeus before thats -1 level (swapped into 1x dmg, gsr for 2x dmg, rar for 2x dmg. Thats about 7500x.7=~ 5300). Thats silly.

I know you want difference between dilorana and diloracheirus. Perhaps you should adjust dilorana again, idk.

I do know that gsr should be changed. Maybe make it gsi. Then it’d actually be usable, strategic.

This from a level 27.1 dilo user. I love it. But this makes no sense. Plus it makes it far too good a revenge killer. It can be stupid greedy very safely. Its the best revenge killer in the game.

Thanks for listening.

Signed, someone abusing the mess out if it in arena.


Tbh i prefer the 1.4 dilo, i get that they want to differentiate them, but there already are superhybrids that are similar (if not more, grypo has literally the same moveset of purro, except for dsc istead of apc) to their base Hybrid, and i still prefer the old dilo because i prefer having more damage on t1 and less on t2 (i still don’t have dilorach though, so i can’t be completely sure about it).

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Yeah I agree. My only concern is its matchup vs rinex. Right now its the only thing I have that matches well against it.

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personally i like diloracherius. they gave it variety. there are many others that need to be addressed.


A tuoramoloch can do nothing against a set up diloracherius. 4800 health is too frail. :joy:

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I disagree @Pateradactyl
Half of its moves are rampages. Not much variety there.

3 out of 4 times, A baby level 21 Dilo will give 4,500+ damage in back to back rampages:
Quite excessive, considering that it runs away without taking any damage itself.

Adding insult to injury, then opponent (almost guaranteed to be slower) is likely to be distracted as well.

This creature is the epitome of excess and imbalance.

Ludia, please reconfigure.

(Great post @wrothgar)


true but there are also dinos that can inflict that plus more with one blow. and gsr doesnt work all the time… like for this poor fellow…


diloracherius doesnt run the table like rinex does… or a few others. in fact its quite equal to those. focus should be put on the dinos that need it. all i know though is when ludia threatens to make a change then ppl will cry.


its not designed to work 100% of the time…
75% is no small number though

Also, a sample size of one battle (or even a handleful of battles) is not fully representative of this dinos current capacity to give out damage… or take it.

75% of the time, it will give out 4500+ without taking any itself … to comeback and do it again


wrothgar was just complaining that it hardly works…


in fact. just did 3 matches. 2 of which gsr didnt stun. the last one i actually used gsr to take out a cloaked erlidominus after doing ss to kill indoraptor.

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To clarify - I was complaining it goes through streaks of not working. Overall Im pretty confident its 75%, but with these recurring patterns of several in a row (5 of 6 for example) missing.

I also stated that I get long streaks of it simply landing 100% of the time.

My complaint wasnt that these occurances happen, but that they happen with relative frequency.

Im actually working on a project to see if I can prove this. 1000 battles. Im on battle 147 so far.

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