GTL has 2 Spots Open! Come join the fun

Hey guys. Grand Theft Lythronax has 2 spots open. We are a fun competitive group. Looking for daily players who love to battle/raid and will be active in chat. Send me a pm if you are interested and we can talk.

Anyone who joins GTL will definitely be spoiled by Bernadette and team. They are a friendly and social group of active players. Also GTL members have access to the ARK sanctuary farm, where they can harvest that hard obtain DNA in12 level 20 sanctuaries. Send a direct message.

what are the requirements? daily missions? minimum weekly participation? I dont wanna leave my current alliance if im not able to stay in this one.

Hello. Can you send me a message on Facebook? Im not too familiar with how this forum works.
Bernadette Gardunio

uh i dont have facebook

Do you have Discord? I can connect the two of you there via ARK.

Ciao - GraeSkies#7481

ight ill join

sent a friend request

We’re looking for higher trophy players (+4500).

If you don’t need to be reminded

–> to claim your 10 creature TD-bonus

–> to play daily

–> to battle and claim your DBI

–> to erase your 0 after season-reset

Then you could have found the right place to settle down👍🏼

We organize our raids via fb/discord so you should be on one of them!

Hey Bernadette,can I send u a request on f.b bcz I’m also not too much familiar with forum and I want some friends to do more and more Alex raids…so,can I??