GTL has 2 Spots Open! Higher end alliance! Super fun group

Hey guys! Grand Theft Lythronax has 2 spots open currently. We reach 10/9 on missions each week, tier 8 on tournaments, 3 level 20 sancs at all times (Shout out to ARK!), and there is always someone on to help with raids.

-daily active player
-complete daily missions

  • actively work towards alliance missions
    -complete your tourny takedown bonuses
    -must be willing to join our fb group and chat.
    -are willing to comply with our sanc rules

If you are a daily, higher end player who loves to battle and raid, get a hold of me and we’ll chat.


Interested if a spot is still open

Hi. :slight_smile: We still have 2 spots. Can you shoot me a message on Facebook and we can talk? I’m not too familiar with this forum. :joy:

interested because of name

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Hello. Can you send me a message on Facebook please?

Boa tarde tem vaga ainda

Translated from Portuguese

Good afternoon

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

Still have one spot open to an active player!


GTL got one spot to join!

If you don’t need to be reminded

–> to claim your 10 creature TD-bonus

–> to play daily

–> to battle and claim your DBI

–> to erase your 0 after season-reset

Then you could have found the right place to settle down👍🏼

Since we organize our raids via fb/discord you should be on one of them!


It’s that time again:
GTL got one spot open to join!

If you match our requirements, feel free to contact me😃

Atm in the top 90 allies and on the road for rank 8 (as usual) for unlocking the new unique👍🏼