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Guano week


Next week’s hybrid chase

Not too bad. I definitely need some Iguanodon, so it will be a nice opportunity to stack those Baryonyx neck stabbers.

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Slow week next week unless strike events or featured creatures are any good

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Considering how little tenonto I saw this week, it’s hard to even get excited about edmonto.


sad, but true


Wouldn’t get to exited either way


Seriously. I think I saw more edmont than tenonto this week, actually.

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If you live or go around more l3 zones you would do


I must have been lucky with tenonto then lol


I only saw enough Tenonto to go up one level. Still have 5 levels to go for it to be useful for anything. :disappointed:


Well, Tenonto is vanquished into the shadow realm (park spawn) and Edmontosaurus is L3 spawn.

So in L3 it should be all over the place and everywhere else like Tenonto this week.

So one can legitimately farm Edmontosaurus in L3 when the event hits. Unlike Tenontosaurus, simply because parks suck in this game and vanquishing dinos into them need to stop.


And another boring week giving me the chance to get some rest from JWA.

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I live on, near, or a 20 minute walk from 3 parks of various sizes, and I had hardly any luck. :frowning:


I wonder if spawns werent equally distributed? I found enough tento this week to take tenontorex from level 21 to level 28 and theres still 2 days left


Yeah, could be. In the Sino event I have captured 4 Sinos where everyone was saying there were barely any, but the supposed to be all over the place Gryposuchus I only found one of.

For Tenonto, I have seen 15 so far anc captured 8.


I mean Iguanodon is kinda hard to come by and Edmontoguano is kinda good, as well as being eligible to be hybridized further.

So it would be worth at least darting a bunch from home.


I was in L1 and L3 areas this week as I usually am, and I couldn’t find many Tenontosaurus. Today I’m finding a decent amount of them just using the scents at my house though, so I’ll just keep doing that haha. My tenonto is only a lvl 17. :pensive:


Snap don’t see myself even getting level 20 before monday. I think it all depends if you in right place at the right time

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That is really impressive :muscle:


Sorry :pensive: i feel kinda bad that i found so many while other people saw so few. Doesn’t seem fair. I drove a lot for hunting and probably saw one every mile or two of driving.

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Wouldn’t feel bad about it if you grind for it you deserve it

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