Guaranteed DNA


Just now noticed that they are showing guaranteed dino dna in the battle arena incubators now. All the exclusive dinos and such are all mixed around in different arena incubators, with the addition of some new ones. This is a nice change, no need for those to drop arenas now lol


is this 13 guaranteed stiggy + 13 more epic? or are they one in the same?


I like to think the +13 stiggy as a bonus with an extra +13 epic. I’ll wait and confirm this lol


Just a shame the guaranteed epic is Stygi. One of the most useless epics of the game, the poor thing. But still, free DNA, I’ll take it


Also possible to get two different epic dna’s Got two in my first 8hr.


except you need it to make the paramoloch hybrid and i’ve yet to see 1 single stiggy in the wild


You won’t. Stygi is an arena exclusive, she won’t spawn in the wild aside from special events. But that hybrid is just impossible for me so why bother. I will collect the DNA but not level her up. Parasaurolophus literally never spawns where I live.