Guess I'm never gonna get an AR function

Funny how I can use AR in most other mobile games, some of which have even released 6 months after JWA, and it works just fine in those games… :thinking:

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what sort of phone do you have? i thought this functionality was almost entirely manufacturer/os dependent.

Jwa uses ar core to do ar… its on google and your phones manufacturer to get ar core on your phone… its to late for ludia to go back and pick another sysyem for their ar part of this game. And most manufacturers would rather you just buy a new phone.

Its an old Note 5. It works fine with AR in PoGo, Walking Dead and Ghostbusters.

I guess they all use different (and apparently better) software.

why better?

because its supported by your phone?

Yep. Ten characters

EDIT - ^^^ Sarcasm.
I know. My phone is older then dirt itself. I paid about $900 for this thing (back when Carter was in office) but it runs games like a champ, makes calls and text messages and takes pics/vids.

Really never saw a reason to uograde every year, I’m just not that hippster. :wink: I will upgrade if it ever breaks or gets lost though.

I’m in the same boat. If last December I had taken the next version up my phone would have been AR Core compatible. It’s a nuisance but I’ll wait till I can upgrade my phone and I’ll make sure I get one that it will work on.

My phone can’t use the JWA AR, either. Even though other games are just fine with compatibility.

I mean its not like your really missing much… the ability to take pictures with dinos in it… that sums up this games ar… its not like the other games where your catching them in ar. Its fun in small amounts but doesnt really do much for the game.

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True Evicton, true.
Would be nice to spam my friends and fam with pics of my dog and Blue though. :grin:

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they respectfully disagree

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I guess my question is how did you get The Walking Dead our world to work whenever it uses arcore also

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Ahh yes, you are correct.

I have that game on my LG and this Note but AR only works on the LG. Its been almost 2 months since I played so I mixed them up.

It got boring pretty quickly.

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