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Guess the battle #10

Can you guess

Ends at 8pm AZ time
Good luck

Also tomorrow is Wednesday and I have events every Wednesday

  • Yes at the same time
  • Yes but 1
  • No
  • Unsure

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Also on the time I will be back at around 9:30pm AZ time

nundasuchus v rajasaurus


Huh where is everyone

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Nundasuchus vs Rajasaurus

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Honestly It reminds me more of megalania than nundasuchus, but the second one is definitely rajasaurus


kapro,posto,nunda suchus vs rajasaurus

Voting closed and well looks like you guys are harsh on me lol. They will come up at 10 pm AZ time. Also have you voted on time changes.

Time is up

Answer is nundasuchas and rajasaurus

Congrats to @NikiParahKau_Styg @Indominus101 @Tommy_Paoli @Snake_Dude