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Guess the battle #15


Ends at 7pm AZ time
Good luck

Remember no guess the battles over the weekend

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Utasinoraptor vs Diplodocus


Utasino vs Docus


Utahsino vs. gemini

Sinoraptor vs Geminititan

Hmm kinda quiet

utahsinraptor or sinoraptor vs dippy the diplodocus
can never remember the right name for the utah sino hybrid

Uthasini vs diplo

This text will be blurred[/spoiler]Utahsinoraptor vs Geminititan[spoiler]This text will be blurred

Utasinoraptor vs Diplodocus (Seismosaurus)

Utahsinoraptor Vs. Diplodocus

Utahsinraptor vs Diplodocus

Yea it’s called utahsinraptor

Utahsino vs diplo

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Love the drawings, keep up the great work! :grin:

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Thanks I’ll keep it up

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Time is up

Answer is utahsinraptor and diplodocus

Congrats to @Qaw @Stygimoloch_29 @Snake_Dude @Rexylius @JurassicFan @MrMemeZilla_198 @Lukey @GIGAKING

Half credit @Nfgnm1 @Dinosaur_attack


Half credit also to @NickP59

I said the right answer I didn’t spell the name right

Did you mean diplodocus instead of gemenatitan

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