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Guess the battle #17


The guess battles are back

Ends at 6pm AZ time
Good luck

Note: the creature on the right has a longer tail but it’s shorter because I messed up on it.

Scolosaurus vs. Meglosuchus?

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scolosaurus vs megalosuchus? idk if I spelled that right, but its the gorgosuchus hybrid

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Scolo vs Megalosuchus

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Do you mean Scutosaurus or scolosaurus

Oh right sorry gonna have to edit that lol
guess I got confused with the names

Socolo vs Megalosuchus

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Want a spoiler for gtb 18

scolosaurus versus unknown

scolosaurus vs megalosuchus

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Scolo vs Megalo

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Scolo and megalo

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Time is up

Answer is scolosaurus and megalosuches

Congrats to @Dino_Guy @Snake_Dude @Lukey @GIGAKING @niranjann_gandhi @SicilianBeast @Dinosaur_attack

All of you get 1 point

Half credit to @NikiParahKau_Styg

Will not get any points

Current leaderboard:
Dino_guy 1
Snake_dude 1
Lukey 1
Tyler_Jumper 1
NiranJann_Gandhi 1
SicilianBeast 1
Dinosaur_Attack 1
NikiParahKau_Styg 0

Next guess the battle will feature Forum users as a heads-up. I will select 2 random forum users and it’s up to you to guess


hhahahaha 0 points i like this

Should I change it to 1/2

uhh why is it 10 caharcters