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Guess the battle #7

Can you guess

Ends at 7pm AZ time
Good luck

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hatzegopterus v sinoceratops


Hatz and sino

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Sinoceratops vs Hatzegopteryx


Sinoceratops vs hatzeopterix

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Hatzegopteryx vs sino

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Hatzegopteryx vs sinoceratop/Ceramagnus

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if you show parts of the bodies color it will be easier

I think its good the way it is, I feel as though that may be more of a giveaway

Time is up

Answer is hatzegopteryx and sinoceratops

Congrats to @Snake_Dude @Mxplayz @Rexylius @Dinosaur_attack @GIGAKING

Also @NikiParahKau_Styg I want to make it a challenge. Iā€™m totally fine saying gen1 or 2