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Guess the battle #8

Can you guess.

Ends at 8 pm AZ time
Good luck

Oh shoot my body is exposed

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Triceratops gen 1 vs Proceratosaurus


one of the trikes v proceratosaurus


Trike gen 1 ou 2 vs procera

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One of the trikes vs pro c

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Tri 1 vs pro

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Triceratops g1/g2 vs Proceratosaurus/ProC

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Tri 1 and proC

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Triceratops vs ProC

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Oh shoot time is up

Answer is Triceratops and proceratosaurus

Congrats to @Snake_Dude @Rexylius @Lukey @Dinosaur_attack @GIGAKING @Mxplayz

I believe in you @NikiParahKau_Styg next try

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