Guess: The Next Four Raid Bosses

It seems like the best thing and most obvious thing that the next four will be one of each rarity as that would fit perfectly to even out each day at four Raids each if you added an Apex and Legendary Raid Boss to Monday, a Unique to Tuesday and an Epic to Wednesday.

So… Which do you feel are coming on those days of those rarities? Do you agree with me that they should do this to even it out at four each day?

I also feel that the next logical step in Apex is Cunning. What do you all feel?

This is my prediction anyway and I want to know what everyone feels will come with the next big update.

Still holding out for a Bleeder based Raid already… If we don’t get it next update that’s just criminal.

Well if you look on the gamepress site, you can see what the next raid bosses are. They did a new datamine

Really? Wow. Can you show me? I can’t find it.

It should be on their website. I can’t post the link here, then my post will get flagged. If you have Twitter you can look at the account @newsJWA. It should be the second or third tweet.

it might be cunning or fierce as it is like an arctops, but not the traditional raptor cunning.

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I just feel like why go Fierce again and you haven’t hit Cunning? We need diversity. I would like to think… that they sat down and made an Apex of each type and maybe even one flier and one bleeder. I really hope so.

Oh well then I was right.

So we’ll have Gorgotrebax and Indominus Rex on Monday, Stygidaryx on Tuesday and Erlikogamma on Wednesday. (I thought this was a Rare creature)

The only thing I was wrong about was the Cunning Apex. But I got my bleeder.


Gorgotrebax might be cunning (like the Gorgonopsids), so you may be right that the next Apex is a cunning. I hope you’re right! And Erlikogamma is an epic if you weren’t sure (Erlikosaurus Gen 2 is a rare).

I’m going to guess we’ll have apexes for each archetype. We have a chomper (Morty), a Healer (Lux), and a stunner (ceramagnus).

No idea what trebax is, I know some are saying cunning, but I’m almost feeling like it could be a bleeder.

But speculation aside we still lack the following:

Apex tank
Apex cunning
Apex bleeder
Apex dodger

So those are my guesses

nvm it not true. check what the hell is this?

What? Explain your post. I don’t get what you’re overall message is here.

no go to search or home in jwa and see the topic what the hell is this?

in other words it not true

i mean they dnt want to spoil it, they want to surprise us.

I believe it. Prove it’s not true. True until proven not true.

Datamines calling Indominus, Stygidaryx, Erlikogamma, and a new Apex


Trebax will likely be a gorgonopsid, similar to arctops

I think if they go all Apex, they would make one for each creature class, although we already have 2 resilients. I’d like to see Lord Lythronax as a raid boss.

We’ll get some Apex Stegosauridae and Crocodilydae. All of them.

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