Guess what! Guess who!

For those who follow what I post, I posted some limited edition drawings almost a month ago and I also have published them on Discord; and today, someone special has commented about them

Is non other than: The gaming beaver


Glad people are enjoying your art work ^_^.

I used to be a Beaver fan (Gaming Beaver fan) but stopped watching since it got to a point where the first 20mins of every video was ranting about cheaters and apparently everyone is a bot (pretty sure im not an AI lol) and it just got really annoying!


Kind of how most popular youtubers are xd

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Honestly i used to watch gaming beaver quite a bit enough he still pops up from time to time on my feeds… but his coverage of this game was really bad. I actually stopped watching his channel all together and went with bestinslot instead for my general dino gaming news.

That said its still good for the op… he is a popular youtuber so congrats for that.

Well yeah I don’t have a problem with beaver or anything. I just don’t follow bigger youtube pages anymore. I think years ago it was better. Now I just watch small youtubes mostly friends lol. Or a few documents heh.

But yeah, good for op and his drawings.

I never disliked him till he spread misinformation about how to increase fusion numbers.
My alliance took it as gospel. It was like Pokemon Go all over again.

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Was that the time when he was saying to press the fuse button at a specific time during the dinosaurs animation? coz I think I seen that one and knew straight away it probably wasn’t true!

Or was it something else? coz I didnt really see other videos. It was around patch 1.4 I think I stopped watching. I really liked his super early videos where he was running Ourano and such, but after that all the bot and cheater ranting began to clutter up the first 10-20mins of every new video, and frequently during the video.
Never kipped a single second of his early videos, but around 1.4 I was finding myself skipping like 25% of the video, minutes at a time. That is when I stopped watching.

Oh and I love how everything is a bot you face, and anyone higher rated or who beats him is a cheater lol, so which is it? are we all bots? or are they real players cheating? pretty sure AI wouldn’t have any motivation to cheat lol


That was the one.
And gullible people in my alliance were like “It’s absolutely true! Gaming Beaver said so!”
Back then everyone was calling everyone a cheater though because no one knew how to do fast progression so he gets a pass. In fact I loved it when he called Pocemon a cheat because there was a time Pocemon called everyone that was already level 12 a cheat on Reddit and I was like “HA! How does it feel?” LOL Childish? Yeah. :slight_smile:


That’s so awesome @Slogokok34

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