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Guess what I just saw?


Stegod with just over 8100 HP. Gee, that’s fun.

Still, had to laugh when my indo got 4 dodges (with one hit in between) and took it out. lol

Go boosts go! :roll_eyes:


Lucky for you you did not run into my Lord Thoradoralus with it’s 15,000 health 9000 attack 476 speed and instant death :skull: blow! With no cool down!


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That’s you? :crazy_face:


@Rolybert see that’s what I mean, how is that fair? That is unreal


Danielle I am joking :upside_down_face:

I kind of figured the instant death :skull: blow was a dead giveaway that I was Kidding!


I’ve seen Thors at pretty high speed, its ridiculous


I can’t get wait for max boosted Lord Lythronax