Guess what? Tournament system is still broken

Again, I prefer to show examples where I am not the one who gets screwed so it doesn’t seem that I’m just whining about losses… I beat this Kensevo guy and won 38 medals. I was ranked 27 before the win. He was probably ranked between 100-140

Why 38? Why that many, when I’m already 100 medals ahead? Well, apparently that’s a question that not even Ludia knows the answer to…


Agreed. Why not just stick to the +30 -30? That works best in this type of tournament where there’s no point in calculating score based on team strenght. Also it’d be better If our official score would be our highest score obtained, like the seasonal tournament’s is.

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Ideed… If at least this system worked as it’s supposed to, but not even that…

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Sometimes I feel like it’s the player. For example, I will beat someone at a similar rank to me and win 40 cups while immediately after, I’ll battle someone in the same area and gain 20. I have beaten the same person 3 times in a row and gained 40 cups each time. There should be some clarification on how the trophy system works

(Now I must say, when I do battle people that are around rank 20 while in a top spot in the final hours, I only gain 20 cups)

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The entire game mechanics are based on gambling mechanics. Playing any other gambling game you’ll be facing the exact same thing. Get dealt a marvellous hand and still you lose or the other way around. The simple fact that they can’t provide us with a clear overview of how trophies are rewarded says enough.

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By the way have you guys taken into consideration that you get more trophies if you have lost only 1 or no creatures? That seems to mean a lot in how much you get as well.

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I have indeed. Sometimes I 3-0 someone and only gain 20 while I 3-2 someone and gain 40


It makes absolutely no sense for the win/loss of tourney medals be based on gambling mechanics. It’s more likely a system that they’ve tried to implement and failed. That or tourneys really are rigged. I don’t doubt anything at this point…

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PvP works that way. You seriously think they develop a fair system for tournaments? I mean an entirely different and fair system that works? Lol you know better than that :wink: just an example: I got my full health Tarbo one-shot by another Tarbo… the magical thing called “critical” that jumps in for no reason, giving completely incalculable damage, at completely incalculable times, sometimes once in a lifetime for a creature with 30% crit sometimes 4 times in a row for a creature with 5% crit :woman_shrugging:t3:

Yes I know better than that cause the point of my thread is exactly to say that the system isn’t fair… But about crits I think you got it wrong there… 30% crits in a row is as normal as not getting them in a row. That’s the reason for the higher chance… And the damage can always be calculated.

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Okay Rest In Peace to logic😆