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Guessing: creature of the month august 2020

What creature do you think it will be?
Will it be one of the new?

Hopefully something good. Like Darwin.

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Gypro hopefully


Mortem Rex! I’ve created everything else, so I really don’t mind what the CotM is.

But something like the Woolly Mammoth would probably be appreciated by many.

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Mammoth or maui or carbo or allo or grypo for me

also need only mortem but chance is 0,01%

I hope it a grypo or sino(i want it )

Mammoth hybrids aren’t broken anymore, so I would appreciate him as CotM

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Actually, Haast Eagle would be nice. I’m very interested to see what hybrids it gets. Plus it’s an exclusive.

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Scuto was just recwntly moved to arena exclusive, so I wouldn’t count her out.

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Wouldn’t mind tea Rex (yes I’m British but I think it fits)

Alanqa incomming …

Don’t give them ideas

How about a Haast Eagle? :joy:


It’s Sinoceratops :upside_down_face:. The next generation of hyper-Thors, brought to you by Ludia.


I would personally like a rare dino tbh. Tuojiang.

I just want to keep leveling my raid healer.

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Ya dont know how that species of annoyis garbageus (ProRat included) is still surviving in the arenas. Guess players just go “boost it off, boost it off” :wink:

I’m pretty sure people on the forums have even admitted to just boosting it because everyone else seemed to be.
Monkey see Monkey do.

Just using a popular phrase here, not trying to insult anyone