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Guessing The Next Tournament

No, not the one scheduled this week (Most probably Titanoboa/Giganthophis).

We know that the Acanthostega CoT was messed up (second oily CoT in a row), and I was given a reply from support saying that the unlock was sent and I clicked the “unlock your acanthostega” too. Unfortunately I had won an Acanthostega earlier from a Prize Wheel so I didn’t bother to check if I unlocked it, now I see that it’s still locked for me.

I don’t know if this is a universal problem for those below level 85, but I’m guessing we may have a Bracketed Tournament for this.

I got the unlock…not sure what happened to you.


I contacted support and got the unlock too…

I think its because I did not hatch the second one, I might not have fully performed the intended action. No worries, Proterogyrinus should be sufficient to fill up the Amphibian vacancy and by the time I actually start working on my lineup again, I’ll have been to level 85 anyway.

Proterogyrinus>Acanthostega (unless acanth gets a hybrid)

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