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Guessing what Refrenantem looks like

Just using the silhouette to imagine what it could look like.

EDIT: just saw a leaked pic. I got this all wrong. hehe


To me, it looks like a pterosaur


yeah. The thing is, that the silhouette has the snout looking like a beak.

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Man Rhodan got an upgrade :rofl:


Looks like Phoenix 44


I think the new boss is the dilo, and I feel like its pretty much the image that TheShrimps has pulled up abovethis comment. though I must admit, looks pretty good

I thought we were talking about the bird apex because of the concept art you did for refrenantem, and so here’s my 2 scents on that. From one leak I’ve seen, I think it may be a burning eagle. Basically rodan but without spikes and scaly skin and just feathers, with a godzilla inner-glow looks (when using atomic breath, his back chest eyes and mouth glow blue) but red, but this may be wrong since I only got a glance at it

and I love your concept art for it btw, its so detailed and I love the colors and everything about it looks amazing!


yeah that’s it, thought I’m gonna presume its gonna be taken down in a sec like the dilo pic that was here earlier and other “spoilers”


I’m not gonna lie

While we knew refre is a dilo, i legit also thought it’s a pterasaur looking at the image


Wait, where’s the leaked pic?

Look on JWA toolbox and go on battle simulator press whatever you want and press rarity and select apex


I just seen a haast eagle maximus as a apex too??

Me too…it even shows the stats…

Might be off topic, but how do I add JWA Dinodex to homescreen?

Excuse me, but how do I add Dinodex to the screen

I dont think you should post those images you will probably get suspended…I remember getting suspended for posting a gamepress link.

I have no idea…

It saids that you can add it to your homescreen

Up at the 2.7 release notes.

This is really crude and sloppy cause I did it with my phone but it should help you see the outlines

I have seen the leaked image, but I like your interpretation of it better @Oscar_Blanco!

looks like a gangsta Pterosaur wearing a hoodie to me! :rofl: