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Guest in Alliance tab?


Why do so many in our Alliance show up as Guest all the time? It even happens to me my friends have said…I been playing since day 1 using my name Stormi and folks in the Alliance have said its showing as Guest…


It’s everywhere. I’m sorry. At least it looks like Ludia is doing some maintenance. I wonder what for.


Oh yea… tournament…


Can you see any other “guest” in your friends’ list?


The Tourney prolly which I really wish they didnt do constantly…looks like I have to wait another 2 plus weeks to get a free battle incubator


Not sure, will have to look…


No kidding, same here! I hear of players doing friendly challenges to get their battle fix instead of the arena during the tournaments lately.


Also, your kitty cat is soooo cute!!!


Sounds like a good idea…umm none of the folks are showing as Guest on either list, dunno why it says dna requested by Guest for atleast 5 members at different times


Thanks, his name is Bear…hes a sweet kitty. We still have his mom and brother Max as well

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