[guide] How to have fun in Warriors of Waterdeep

I see load of negative feedback around. So my 0.05$ about WoW, how to enjoy it:

  1. login once or twice per day for 5 minutes to open chest and play PvP battle

  2. ???

  3. PROFIT!

Seriously - this game got only this kind of gameplay atm. And it’s alright for casual mature players who do not have much time to play games.

I also would prefer for this game to have less bottlenecks, but game do not force you to squize through them asap. This is ultra-slow progression game. If you like such type of games - you would like it. If not - better to play something else.

p.s. I play without $$$… Still stuck on lvl 5 for a week, but it’s alright to me :stuck_out_tongue: Pretty meditative gameplay without hustle.


I am with you there.
I usually play slow and found the introduction of the game pleasing, nice characters and some manageable adventure. Then I kind of got hooked on it and played through the whole thing up to GrockKnock, the troll and his cousin really stopped me in my tracks. I wish things had gone a bit slower up to that.

Anyway, recovering from the shock, I spent some time getting to know all the parts of the game. Making battles with other teams and honing my gang against the trolls time after time. Two days later I beat them and soon after I managed to get past the second Fire Giant in the Sharpstone Challenge. Soon after I managed to level up one character a day to level 5, just leveling the things they use.

It is probably too slow for me to keep playing, and I am not sure chipping in resources would make more than boost me a level or two and be bale to run through a couple of dungeons before the hit fades off. More story or maybe some other avenues of exploration would have been nice. My last D&D game was Heroes of Neverwinter in 2012, a nice one.

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