Guide: Incubators and their rewards


Dear all,
I decided to do some research on the incubator rewards per level and per arena and I’ve found some interesting new information that could benefit you all!

As you will have noticed you get both a DNA and gold reward from each incubator. The amount of which varies per incubator type (15m, 3H, 8H, 12H and 24H), per arena level and per player level.
Based on some calculations I have done, the rewards per common incubator type all start at 0 and increase linearly based on player level and arena level. The amount varies per incubator type.
Now say that you are level 10 and at arena 7, then your 8h incubator would look something like this: 42 gold * 10 levels + 83 gold * 7 arena’s = 1001 gold.
If you are level 10 and still at arena 1, then your 8h incubator would look something like this: 42 gold * 10 levels + 83 gold * 1 arena = 503 gold.

This means that at arena level 1, you get only half of the normal amount of gold and DNA you would normally get at arena level 7. For lower levels the relative impact is even more extreme. At player level 1 you get 623 gold at arena level 7 and 125 gold at arena level 1.

Commons, Rare and Epic incubator rewards

The rare and the epic incubators are calculated differently. They start with a decent base amount of gold and DNA and linearly increase only related to player level. This means a player at arena level 1 gets exactly the same amount as he/she would get at arena level 7.
Now assuming only the subcycle of 3h>15m>3h>3h>8h (source Metahub), a player would gain 189 gold* and 111 total DNA per arena level every subcycle, or 263 gold* and 154 total DNA every 24 hour.
[*It is important to note that the battle-reward is not included in these calculations. The battle reward seems to be related to player level and arena level, but so far has not been analyzed by me.]

This means that it’s very much worth it to try to go up on arena level, and if you decide to go down, it is therefore advisable to plan ahead and make sure you are only a few incubators away from the epic incubator or else accept to lose out on quite a lot of gold.

I hope that you found this some useful information.



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