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Guide rally

Is anyone else finding the guild rally extra frustrating? I have level 18 party geared up who can’t get past 1/2 levels in the rally!

Who are you taking into the Rally?

The basic 4, ranger, dwarf, magic user, and paladine.

Without the Fighter, Tommus, and his +AC Epic weapon, you’ll always have a tough go of it.

This is my favourite rally, the others are generally much slower. In this rally, Tommus’s flask of restoration is almost more important than the epic weapon. If you need, you can use two tanks with alternating taunt, but it may make the game a bit sluggish. You might want to focus on area/full-room damage instead of Dwarf rogue’s single-target damage, preferably boosting it.

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Tom with flask and Epic weapon, Shev and her SH Dagger if you have it, and Hal. I alternate the 4’th character although Vaj and her Fury/secrecy hat work great used on Shev… :wink:

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That’s pretty much what I run, except I use Pikel rather than Hal. His common regen hat and legendary heal ring can keep Tom up, and his AE damage is a lot more useful than Hal.

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Thanks all!