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Guide to optimize our dino’s order?


In general, in team fighting games, some characters are better if they appear at a specific time.

We talk about Point, Middle or Anchor characters. I think we can have this classification in JWA.

Is there a tutorial that lists the best dinos according to these characteristics (Best Point, Best Middle, Best Anchor)?

If that does not exist, do you have a favorite order during your fights?

We could discuss and define here which are the best dinos according to these characteristics.

And try to avoid the famous Dracoceratops

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Based on my lineup :

Utarinex 1st
Indoraptor midrange (starting only if i want to pray to RNG)
Trykosaurus midrange (endgame only for counter)
Erlidominus starting (or revenge killer)
Stegodeus dependable by opponents Dino
Tenontorex starting in Utarinex absence
Diorajasaur only for counter and last resort (until buff i hope)
Diloracheirus midrange (usually as revenge killer)


I second this.
Not just for this forum, but for the entire game.