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Guide to unlock Dinos and non-tournament hybrids

So, recently this week I found out that you can unlock certain dinos you are missing if you wish to make a hybrid of that certain missing dino. You just have to pay DBs.

I have been playing for over 3.5 months and never got to unlock some rares and Coloborhynchus. I am not sure if this was intentionally set this way because of lack of dino rotations, or if Ludia messed up. At least if they fix it, people still have 2-3 days to grab some needed dinos.

First off, you need to go to the paddock of the dino you wish to unlock/purchase and click on the “+” symbol:

Next you need to click on “Search!”, under the dino you want:

Lastly, you click on the “Special offer” for DBs:

The price for DB seems high, but it is instant hatch so I grabbed some to finish off some hybrids. Not all Legendaries are available for purchase this way. But, the price for Legendaries is pretty steep too.

I can confirm that I bought 5 “Special offer” of Coloborhynchus. So you can buy at least 5 copies. Good luck to anyone who needs a couple dinos to finish off a hybrid.

Special Note: The hybrid becomes unlocked in market for DNA, but the dino that you just purchased to complete the hybrid is still “Unlocked Via Event”.


I’m pretty sure that has always been there.

That is a lot of DB to invest unless you only need one more copy. You can buy out a 7 day Dino for that kind of DB.

I think I’d rather play the dna lotto to try and get a copy over spending the DB.

I guess it just depends if that hybrid will really help you or not.

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Just trying to give other players some options instead of waiting for unlock events. I didn’t see this until the recent update, I may have not checked how to obtain the dinos.

If someone shared this info with me, I would have been further along because I needed Coloborhynchus to complete my common coin production for a while.

It’s a little expensive, but DBs are are easily exchanged for other resources. The rare hybrids could easily help someone during the tournaments. A level 20 rare hybrid is almost as strong as most of the Lv10 VIPs that I use now.

When you say “dna lotto”, what is that exactly? TH exchange for Jurassics using DNA?

The lottery things i think

This would be worth it if you actually unlocked the creature so you can buy it for DNA. I wouldn’t mind if they increased the amount of bucks or made it not an instant hatchery, it’s just when you level up really quick some creatures can no longer be unlocked anymore.


You mean the prize drop? Chances are slim there and the one that you want, you may not get.

If your goal was to get all dinos to Lv40, then I would wait too. The main point here was for missing dino that would help you make the hybrid. The hybrid becomes unlocked for DNA in the market.

I want to catch up to some of the top tier players :grimacing:


Those unlock opportunities will eventually rotate through for higher level players to unlock if needed. How long that will take is anyone’s guess, but that doesn’t mean you completely pause your game either