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[guide] Winning Alliance Rush Made Easy:



I don’t get it… those teams don’t seem that out of whack with the player levels. Am I missing something?

EDIT: ok, now I see the trophy amounts, and the added screenshots help.

Yeah - this ‘rush’ is a stupid idea.


This really boils my blood


Look at the trophies…
And imaging being a legit player in those areas and seeing those teams…


this really grinds my gears. :smiley:


Shame on that alliance getting number one, just sayin


I feel the arena is a lot weaker than before and I climbed to a place that I usually don’t belong to with my dino levels, because many bad boys dropped. :wink:


The real question, are those players actually winning the Rush? Does their strategy work?

I don’t want to know names, just if any of those are in the top 10. If they aren’t, their strategy was a complete failure apart from miserable.

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They do appear to be in first place, yes.


What are they trying to achieve there?

To be the best alliance? Now ppl know how they did it and its nothing to brag about.

To get the most DNA? Well, no. 1 gets the same amount of DNA as no. 5.

So, the only achievement that I can see is a beautiful dream in which they tell themselves they are the best …


Yeah that’s going down a little to far. Should add negative 2 points for a loss and plus 2 for a win.

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I doubt if they can beat their opponents who have also deranked from higher arenas.
They just moved their arena from higher one to a lower one.

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I doubt that many alliances deranked that low. I only dropped just below the aviary. Those teams dropped a couple thousand trophies some of them.

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Their plan backfired on them because all of this recognition for this just makes them look like a joke. This event will always be part of their reputation haha


I see now… Pictures were tiny and needed to take a second look.

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I do not think this is what Ludia intended when they thought up the competition, but this is what they brought on. They can play more battles, faster than alliances that did not use this particular technique. It might not be considered the PC way to do the competition, but it is the winning strategy.

I have run into a few at 4000 Trophies, not much fun. I get it over with as fast as possible and move on. I feel really bad for all those lower level players who were tromped on. They are already frustrated enough with the Trophy matching system in the lower Arenas, this is going to drive many right out of the game.

I would hope Ludia takes a long hard look at repeating this competition as planned. That would be a huge mistake. Best to cut their losses and just drop it altogether now.


Their alliance is currently winning the ‘event’, yes. By bullying weaker players.


yeah. i’ve dropped, but only to 5k and certainly not for diplodocus DNA :joy: mainly wait times until the next tournament starts

but this kinda of thing needs to not be announced in advance to prevent dropping like that. you also need to lose points for a loss


Two words…holy crap

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Are those teams from SD? :grin: