Guild (150k Trophies) Seeking New Members

Hi all,

You’re favorite Guild, “raiders of ravenloft” is currently seeking a few new members to hang out with. If our snazzy name hasn’t already sold you on joining us, then consider the following.

We’ve increased our guild trophy count from 118k to over 150k during the last two months. Gifts are filled almost as soon as they are requested (current gift count is 220k, 4.4k average per member). The chat log is humming with posts and tips are freely shared.

Whether you’re tired of being one of the few members of your guild that is active, or annoyed at being the only member who engages in gifting, or you’d like to be in a guild that has some of that camaraderie that comes with a busy chat log, come check us out. We’re growing quickly and steadily and are always happy to accommodate strong players.

We’re generally looking for player with Trophy minimum of 2,000 or higher who are active players. Feel free to PM me if you have questions or if we look full and you want to know if there’s a spot available. As usual with my posts, below is a screen shot to give you a flavor of what our guild is like.

Thanks all

Ah sure, take a screenshot when your ahead of me to cut me out!

Lol. All part of the plan @Cptmak:)

Come join our strong crew :slight_smile:

Just for you Cpt, changed screenshot :grinning:

Now we are above 150k trophies and have claimed #1 spot on PvP leaderboard. We are only growing stronger :muscle:

It’s a fun guild with good vibes. Lots of chat and friendly people :slight_smile:

Lol. Thanks @Greenwave. The guild is really benefiting from all the great players who comprised it. I greatly appreciate the support from you, @Cptmak and many others that make it awesome.

For those looking for a lively place to hang your hat, don’t get discouraged if we’re full up when you check us out. I keep a close eye on making sure we stay full of active members and feel free to PM me if you’re interested and I can let you know if a spot is opening soon and keep an eye out for your application.

Happy gaming all.