Guild Battles

Is this a thing still? Coming soon since forever. It would be a solid addition to guilds. Guild game quests and guild chests would be cool.

To the best of my knowledge all discussion pertaining to Guild Battles has come from players. I do not believe the developer has openly commented on Guild Battles to date.

Should this feature someday arrive, I anticipate the developer will completely flummox the Guild Balancing algorithm, and they will be inundated with another barrage of complaints about a broken event.


Excited for some sort of cool. guild battle component! Done right, will really energize the game.

Worried they will keep drawing upon the same well and they will implement it through more pvp battles:(

For example: Hear ye hear ye, announcing Test of Guild Might. ToGM will of course consist of each player individually running 3 levels of ToM, 20 win each level, free runs level 1, 500 gem refreshes levels 2 and 3 (because, you know, the higher gem price tells you this will be good), and a 3 hour brown box as the reward at the end:)


Already quite sick of PVP just grinding those chests. No longer interested in ToM even with the initial one having unlimited entries.

It will take a lot of effort on their end to implement something completely different.

Currently guilds are almost useless. Guild battles would be great.

Beware what you wish for.

Guild battles will almost certainly decrease the quality of life for the vast majority of players and create even more FOMO in the name of selling virtual items.

No thank you.


More PVP? HARD PASS until there is more focus on non-PVP or at least fixing the currently broken PVP system.