Guild Donation Limit

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Unless I’m mistaken (which I commonly am), the current donation limit at renown 20 for VIP subscribers is 210 items and for F2P is 105 items. When commons are requested, assuming about 3 requests per guildmate per day, this lets me fulfill a little over 9-10 requests with common items before I’ve hit the donation limit, which could be as few as only 3 people (to be fair, it’s usually 9-10 people with one request and it’s done). This often occurs a few hours after the unlock, then for most of the day I am unable to help, which is kind of lame for supporting my guild mates.

Long story short, I would love this donation limit increased. Unfortunately, both rare and common items count the same against the limit. Additionally, perhaps we could differentiate between the number of commons and rare items that could be donated by setting a conversion. There is already an established conversion based on the request, where 1 rare = 5 commons. Couldn’t we do the same thing for donations, where (for F2P) one could donate, for example, 50 rares or 250 commons, or some portion in-between by making a rare count as 5 commons (double the amount able to be donated for VIP)? Better yet if the total limit were higher, but I think y’all get the point I’m trying to get at.

Thanks for reading, community input and suggestions are always appreciated!


Thanks for the post @Silvermouse. Our donation activity is so active that a large part of the guild regularly hits the daily donation limit. It’s nice that it’s so hopping and requests get filled quickly, but it’s still a bit frustrating when you hit the limit and can’t help fill requests.

Would also love the ability to donate more than one at a time:).


Fully agree, it happens very frequently in our guild too.

An idea might be to add a Guild chest (as it is in DDO (D&D online)) where guild mates can put items they don’t need and make them available to whoever may need them.


I like that idea.
Or a Donate option instead of just the request. That way you can offer up extra gear to your guild mates instead of only being able to ask for stuff.


I like the suggestions, these are some interesting alternatives to the issue. Thanks for the input, keep the ideas coming! :smiley:

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Any change to guild donations which could abate the current preponderance of guild tab server connection errors and crashes would be favorable.