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Guild donations

I’m not sure when this is updated but since the release of guilds I’ve donated at least 10+ gear and it still says 0

Me too, I’ve donated lots and I’m sitting at 0.

Same thing here

Please update the donation indicators becouse there are bugs and i cant understand if a player is active or not. I donate and my indicator is still 0 . If i log out my counter is 0 again. A guildmaster cant be sure of a player activity in order to kick him or not. Ty so much for reading

Bump… hoping for an official comment because I donate every chance I get and mine still says 0 as well

This donation count issue has cropped up again. My donate count has been reduced to 1585 and some of my guild members have been reset to 0.

Every day I encounter something else that is broken with this app. Two issues arose today. There are no acceptable words for my frustration with the developers.

I think over time the count reduce if you don’t gives anymore see it like the higher it is the more you give over a period

Thanks for the insight, but it does not really apply to me. I donate over 100 a day.