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Guild Draft Battle - Cancelled

Hello Adventurers,
After additional testing, the Guild Draft Battle is not working as intended we will be replacing it with a mini Guild Raid later today.

Hello, can you please explain what the Guild Draft Battle would have involved, and how it was supposed to operate? Thanks.

My understanding is that guild members would participate in a Warrior’s Draft and earn points for their guild to earn prizes much like raids and rallies.

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Be nice if they fixed things that are already messed up rather than coming up with new features.

Considering they announced the Guild Battles a year ago and have been delaying the launch due to bugs ever since, I don’t really see it as a “new” feature, but rather bugs they have been working on for a year. So hey, maybe in another year Saarvin will be fixed.

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Guild battles.
This was some kind of warrior draft guild event unless I’m mistaken. Most the people I play with ignore Warrior draft. So making it even more of an event wasn’t really something I or they cared about.
To me at least a guild battle pits guilds directly against each other. Kind of a battle Royal.
This seems like it was more another Rally/ Raid kind of set up.

Guild battles were “added” in the update that added rallies and raids. This was long before warrior draft was added.

Yep, the original announcement in March of last year was about three new kinds of guild events: Rallies, Raids, and Battles (the PvP event version of Raids). The Rallies and Raids went live, but the battles kept being delayed.
Update 14

Oh great another completely lacklustre mini raid thrown in because something else wasn’t working properly.

All these raids do is sap keys away in time for the main monthly raid - the only one worth doing.

It completely interrupts the whole flow of the game. We lost 2 of our top guildmates recently who have both quit the game due to the frustration of how the in-game guild events have become not even being worth the grind.

Now everyone has been asking for guild battles for months and you try and sledgehammer in the absolute worst feature of the game Warrior Draft.

I am unsure if there is any level of listening to critical feedback from the community when it comes to trying to update and implement changes that will either improve the game for existing users or attract new users.

Shakes head in disbelief

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I do have to say I despise Warrior Draft completely. If/when guild battles go live, please make it standard pvp with the heroes we actually care about and have put our time into.

I have a feeling the only way they’ll know how to make this work for the time being (if they can get it working at all), will be Warrior draft where every guild is on the same playing field level/gear-wise. If some people are already upset about a few pvp “mismatches”…imagine the backlash once entire guilds that have very few strong players match up against a much more powerful one.

I say go straight down the leaderboard in a very basic algorithm. Guild #1 vs #2. Guild #3 vs. #4. etc. At least for the top 50 or so. :slight_smile: I haven’t looked lately (maybe it’s more), but at a certain point there is the possibility for completely dead guilds that are still showing high in trophy count.


I’m fairly sure it’s just going to be like a regular Test of Might, but we’ll pay for entries with keys instead of gems. It just rather than racing to beat 900 or 1800 bosses, we’ll be racing to win a certain number of battles (or kill a certain number of characters). It won’t be direct guild vs guild PvP.
As far as warrior draft, I enjoy it. It’s refreshing to play with and against different team make ups. And it’s also nice to get matched up nearly instantly every time, rather than waiting a few minutes and then play a bot.

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Ah, yeah seems like a poor way to do guild battles. There’s really no incentive to improve your squad I guess in this game.


Please implement the guild battle as the players envisioned, an actual pvp battle pitting guild members individually against opposing guild members. Surely this is a possible thing to implement??? A feature where you get a notification someone from the opposition guild is ready to battle. Meet them on the field with weapons drawn at 8.00pm


@Keith Do you guys realize that you’ve created a game where many people are afraid to level their hero’s. People actually fear being punished for growing and progressing their characters because it just makes the game that much harder. It’s a perverse incentive that isn’t healthy and frankly is bewildering.


Don’t worry. I’m sure they’ve been informed and are “Looking into it” . :wink: