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Guild gift giving

I don’t see the point of limiting gift giving to 10 per minute. I can think of arguments for the cap, sure, but why require a player to spend minutes staring at the guild chat channel to give 10 gifts at a time?

Of course, my suggestion. Please remove the time constraint.

There was a post that brought this up, but this was never answered.


And add a slider to adjust the amount you want to gift, clicking one by one is just silly.


Unfortunately, the timer is a necessity.
Otherwise, players using scripts would fill them all before legitimate players would have a chance.

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Something that would be nice would be changing the minute delay to be for filling different requests, instead of for every 10 items. In the past, my guild has encouraged us to request rares instead of commons, so it’s easier for people to fulfill. Having the minute delay in between requests (and a slider to adjust donation amounts, what an excellent idea!) would make common requests much less onerous to complete.

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