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Guild gifts

I like that they seem to have fixed the bugs where it would freeze when giving gifts to guild mates. I will say however that I hope they are working on a different solution than the one that they came up with is temporary

When I give gifts I keep getting a pop up that says I am limited to 10 gifts in a minute. Right now with common gifts I can give up to 22 gifts. This means it will take me at least 2 minutes to give gifts and that’s if there is only one guild mate I want to give them too

It does need to be bumped up to the max number of commons a level 20 player can give. At least then you could donate to one player a minute or a couple rare requests per minute

Agreed that it would be nice if they got rid of the limit altogether but thank goodness it no longer freezes and requires me to exit and return. What I really hope is that they add donating Epics. At higher levels it becomes nearly impossible to go up a level and if they keep the trend and make donating Epics 500xp per that would really help.

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