Guild interface needs work

Often laggy and weird, whole guild has issues w it. For such a great game, I’m sure the developers could make it better.


Agree, it’s so slow and could do more.

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It seems to be related to the ongoing server issue (unconfirmed). I experience guild tab issues on three different Samsung devices. I encounter delays, chat issues and the app often freezes. As such, most of the guild features are essentially unavailable to players such as myself.

I agree this should be fixed. It is one of many long standing issues where simple solutions have been provided by former users elsewhere in the forums. I suggest Ludia invest in specialist staff capable of resolving these issues.

Fortunately this is the only connectivity issue I encounter.

I actually think this is by design - to encourage people to use FB, Discord etc. Guilds that turn to that build more engagement and in turn get more invested with the game.