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Guild Invitation

Hey guys, just thought I’d take a min and invite people to my guild: TemplarKnights

No harsh requirements atm just be active and treat others with respect.
Thanks and see you ingame!


Do you require prayers to Baphomet?

And why the Templars as opposed to Hospitallers?

I’d like to join please

Joined dracul001

I tried to join, but it gives me an error “A network error has occurred” I even rebooted. Perhaps I’ll try again later.


Same here. Network Error.

Can’t join either

Same problem here

I tried to join a random guild and got network error as well

Official request to join, sir😎

Lol no prayers to Bapho lmao. I know the name sounds Masonic but it’s actually inspired by the dark templar unit from StarCraft…damn knights templar!

For everyone else I’m sorry the guild is actually full now :frowning:

What?!? Then kick somebody!!!

Seriously, though… I just checked and it says only 47/50. Must be some lag in the system.