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Guild leader board?

Is there a leader board for all the guilds?

If they have added it yet I haven’t seen it

Given the performance struggles to implement the leaderboard inside an individual guild, I think a ranking of all guilds is a ways off.

This would be great to see. I would imagine that guild battles would start to bring this around.

Has there been problems with leaderboards in guild? I haven’t heard anything about that

Have you tried loading it lately? Takes ages. Guild tab in general doesn’t load well.

Ah ok I haven’t actually tried that

I was just in guild and I had no problem bringing up the leader board. I haven’t seen anyone else post about it either though. I know that since guilds have come out there have been issues with tracking donations and guild chat being funny, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the leader board was having issues as well

It would be nice if the tiny little guild information button just went away. Make it a tab or something.