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Guild Merger?

Is your guild only half active?
Full of abandoned accounts or inactive players?
Want to do better at Raids, Gear swapping and idea sharing?

Frozen North is looking to merge with another active mid-level guild with 20-25 active members.

Willing to change guild name and promote co-leaders/veterans.

Message me if you want a little more success with your guild by working with us!

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Hello friend,my name is jackerrante i am top player and i have a guild whit 10 players active …all lev 16/20…the name of guild is: roma is coming…we are italian guild…you and your friends are welcome

I’m the leader of Like Fire, a Top 6 guild currently. May not be what you’re looking for… and we’re currently full at 50 but we usually kick a couple players a week due to inactivity. We are an open guild, so if spots are open, anyone is welcome to join. We have reasonable requirements for staying in the guild. Just keep donate above 1K and participate in all rallies and raids. If several team members from Frozen North are interested in joining/merging, perhaps we can work something out and Like Fire can open up more spots.

Not what I’m looking for.
I’m looking to find another guild that’s seeing their guild struggle due to inactivity of current members, and hopefully take two half guilds with some consistent players and make it into a better guild.

I’m not here to help make a top guild stronger.

Makes sense. Good luck!


I thought the structure for that type of organization was:



VICE CAPO (respectively)


You are interessed a fusion whit Us?

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Yes. I am I have 18 players. Can you send someone to join my guild and absorb them. dm me