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Guild PvP Raids

This is a quote from @Keith that I thought everyone should read.

“Guild PvP events are not PVE and the team originally postponed them, because at the time a large amount of players were angry about matchmaking and wanted more PVE. As such no Guild PVP’s have been scheduled, and are unlikely to be scheduled as far as I know.“


I just want to clarify something for you and the Ludia team. Warriors of Waterdeep has players who prefer PvE and it has players who prefer PvP. There is a large amount of players who want the Guild PvP Raids. The majority of your high end players are all about PvP.

So why has Guild PvP Raids been postponed? Oh… because Ludia was only listening to half of its players. Makes a ton of sense.


I’m ready for Guild PvP Raids. Oh that’s right it isn’t ‘Coming Soon’ as advertised. Ludia decided we didn’t want Guild PvP Raids and abandoned it.

I find it ridiculous that Ludia can’t give us Guild PvP Raids which many players want badly. Yet Ludia can give us a PvP event that no one asked for…Warrior Draft.

Ludia doesn’t listen to its players. You can see this on the forums with endless posts of frustrated players.

I see people leaving this game left and right. Such a shame Ludia doesn’t listen.

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I’d agree that PvP is a lot of fun (except for Warrior Draft which is meh). The PvE expansions were just re-used material, so they are fun guild activities and a nice addition, but not quite the same. The Black Dragon will be great if ever released.

My point is there are a lot of players who like both PvP and PvE. I think the guilds are a glue that hold the community/game together, so Guild PvP would be a fantastic addition.


My guild has been waiting for guild PvP forever. It was one of the main reason my guild was created in the first place. It was made to compete vs the best guilds in this game. I have recruited some of the best PvP players in the game and they keep proving themselves week after week by collecting keys and being in the top 50 of players that play this game. I have posted a few times about guild vs guild and have kicked good players from my guild due to inactivity and not getting keys for this event which was talked about in March and put in the patch notes in April. You have lost paying players to this game due to the delay. Now I understand that you will not be implementing this because of players crying about it being unfair matches. Please reconsider launching Guild PvP. It is the only thing that provides a challenge in this game. I am saying this as the premier guild leader of Above Syndicate. Launching a new character has never been an answer to more content. I have seen many high end players leave due to lack of content and being bored. @Keith please get the devs to Launch guild vs guild. No loot is required just content.


I have passed on your request to the team. They are willing to look into adding a Guild PVP in the future, but it is unlikely to be soon.

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It’s a simple concept…

Give players what they want and you will make more $$$

Don’t give players what they want and you will lose $$$

I’ve seen a lot of high-end players leaving the game. Ludia really needs to start listening to what the players actually want.

We want Guild PvP Raids!!!



Players have spent time and money in preparation for Guild PvP Raids that were advertised as coming soon by Ludia. I’m sure it was a main draw for some to even start playing the game.

Should these players demand reimbursement from Ludia for false advertisement? Possibly report Ludia for false advertising? What do you think?

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Keith told you guys what he can. It’s okay to be upset but Forum Rules still apply folks.

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I can’t imagine that half the players prefer PvE over PvP. Sure, the first few times of doing Heartcoil or Lightfinger is fun because it is something different, but after hundreds of times, it just begins to feel lazy on the developers part with a lack of imagination.

I originally started playing this game thinking the developers would create a semi-close D&D experience where we would be adventuring in a D&D world with our characters. We would be making decisions on where to adventure. In the end, our only decision is between the left or right door. Speaking for myself (obviously), I find PvE to be extremely boring and I give kudos to those that can continue to grind it out.

I will admit, I was optimistic when Guilds were created. Although my preference is a world to adventure in, I have grown to enjoy PvP (against humans) and was looking forward to Guild Battles. It is fun to be part of a Guild and – as led to believe – prepare for upcoming Guild battles / competitions. But once again, it feels as though Ludia is being lazy.

With the abandonment of Guild PvP by Ludia, I have since stopped putting money into the game. I can imagine others have done and will be doing the same. It really is too bad because the game could have been so much more if shortsightedness didn’t get in the way.


I agree that guild PvP would be a great idea. However, I suspect the developer considers it will be very difficult to establish a Guild PvP structure which would be competitive and enjoyable for the majority of players. There are a number of factors the developer would likely consider before tackling Guild PvP.

  • Extreme Ability Divergence. Most players in the top 2 or 3 guilds can competitively battle one another. However, most players in the next tier of guilds likely cannot compete with most members from the top guilds. The system would need to compensate for this imbalance to satisfy the majority of players.

  • Extensive Delays? As bots would likely not be included in PvP Guild battles, extensive delays waiting for available opponents would occur.

  • Player Sentiment. Outside of perhaps a few hundred players, a large percentage of the users have not been satisfied with the current PvP offerings. As such I suspect there is little urgency to develop more PvP unless a workable solution is identified to make PvP more palatable.

  • Algorithms. Ludia has spent the better part of the past year attempting to create favorable algorithms for battle mode and event mode PvP. I do not think are looking forward to repeating the process for Guild PvP.

  • Priority of other WoW Features. Various players are requesting different features. [ie, there is an active thread requesting Ludia implement the long awaited Black Dragon challenge. Based on the issues with PvP, i suspect they will prioritize other features such as this.

  • Priority of other Ludia apps. I just scanned through the forum threads for Ludia’s new app. The game was released about a month ago, and users are already complaining the available content has been exhausted. I strongly suspect Ludia is prioritizing content for the new app.

Unfortunately, I suspect it will be some time before we see Guild PvP.

[ Note: This post is an opinion piece only - based upon analysis of game play observations, information provided by Ludia and comments shared by players in various forums. In no way are these comments intended to be construed as insulting or disrespectful toward the developer or players. ]


PVP is the worst and most broken aspect of the game. Why would anyone want more?

Well said, @JImbolya18. My only sadness is that in the time it has taken to get to this time, you guys have actually not only lost top players - you’ve also lost a lot of competition. I look at the top ranks and no longer see many of the names I used to anymore - both in and out of your guild.

The departure of StandingWarrior - literally due to nothing else to do - is such a testament to what will happen to rest of us as we eventually do get bored.


And what about @Flazzy? Has he quit? @CPXZ do you have any info about him?


I wanted guild pvp and certainly stacked keys to make sure to have plenty for when it was implemented. However with the admission that guild pvp is probably not happening it really illustrates for no one to ever do more than 50 rooms in guild rallies. whats the point just to get more keys no one needs. The admission that guild pvp probably isnt happening was a real blow to many in our guild especially since nothing else has come in its place. If you took time away from developing guild pvp than the dragon or other pve content should have come way sooner instead of us still waiting for it.



Hey Fiz, Flazzy mention are the beginning of last season he needed to be off app for awhile, so not sure. He’s been gone longer than expected, but still giving him time. I’m hoping he’s okay regardless of game status.


I’m curious from the original quote in the first post, what new PVE have we had? It’s been ages since Lightfinger was released. All I see are new heros to sell and events based upon some variation of PVP.

There are players that enjoy different aspects. I myself don’t enjoy pvp and basically play this game to grind out stuff, but can see how many heavily invested in the game play because of PVP. There’s something dramatically off with how this game has been handled considering the declining player base and interest. The leaderboards are basically meaningless without rewards or consequences attached to them and glitchy half the time.

Even as someone who enjoys PVE more, I can appreciate that a great many of the players were highly anticipating the PVP guild event and the chance to carry their guild flag so to speak. Both within my guild and the other top guilds that’s long been a point of interest. Losing the PVP guild event (and the black dragon pve challenge that we get assurances it is coming sometime in the next 100 years) while continually getting new heros feels more like a short-term play taking the quick easy cash as opposed to the long-term strategy of doing the heavy lifting to grow the game.

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Sucks to hear Standing has left. He was always cool in game and in forum.


Yeah, he was an absolute gentleman on the forums haha. For someone that led the ranks for so long, some people in the gaming scene let that get to their heads!



Why are Guild PvP Raids advertised as already being in the game?